Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fringe T-Shirt DIY

Here are the quick and easy steps, as promised, to take a plain old tee into a fun fringe tee! this look is very in this season-- very 90's grunge but can easily be girlied up by pairing it with cute jewelry or colored denim, like in my video.

All you need is an old tshirt and scissors.
1) try on your tshirt. mark the height where you want your fringe to start by make a small snip, then take off the shirt.
2) cut off the bottom hem.

3) make your first vertical cuts on the two sides of the shirt, cutting up to the point you snipped earlier.

4) starting from left to right, make slits of equal height all along the shirt (cutting through both layers). you can make them as wide as your little heart desires. i made mine about .5 to 1.0 inch wide.

 5) slightly pull apart each fringe piece at the top

 6) cut off the sleeves of your shirt. try it on to see how you like it. if the shoulders are too wide, just keep  trimming until you love it!

xo mer


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