Thursday, April 11, 2013

Colors abound!

I just made a one-day trip to North Carolina, and on my flights I was catching up on all the magazines that came to my mailbox over the past week that I hadn't yet read-- very exciting! One page i stumbled across had an advertisement for a hair chalk product, an easy and non-permanent way to add colorful streaks to your hair! I immediately wanted to get me some of that chalk, so i perused the interweb (internet + web. new word. spread it) and learned that I could save my money by getting soft pastelle artist's chalk in a bunch of colors. It was so easy and super fun to do with my friend Katie! Here are the simple steps to this awesome project for spring:

you need:
artists chalk (SOFT pastel, NOT OIL)
water (spray bottle optional)
an old towel you don't care about (or two)

1) take a one-inch strand of hair, wetting the tips or whichever part you want to color
2) simply rub the chalk vigorously onto the strand until you get the desired pigment (you may want to keep a towel over your shoulders to guard your clothes, or just wear clothes you dont care about).
3) repeat with other strands as you like, using as few or as many colors as you like (i did 3 colors)
4) let strands air dry
5) use either a straightener or flat iron to set the color. i recommend NOT brushing your hair first, as it will cause the colored hairs to separate and dilute the color. i made this mistake.)

and voila!

it will come out after one or two showers, depending your base hair color and how hard you shampoo.

xo mer


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